Job Seeker Information

VGP attracts high-performance talent by taking the time to understand your skills, motivation, and goals so we can place you with a great company in a job where you'll be successful. We recognize your skills and abilities and gather information about your career goals and use that to market you not only to the right job but to the right company. Our recruiters understand what you're looking for and find you the right job - because we get you.

Current Openings may include:

  • Engineers (all specialties)
  • Software & web developer
  • Construction (all specialities)
  • Insurance (Adjusters, Statisticians, Sales, etc.)
  • I.T. (all specialities.)
  • Accounting (all Specialties)
  • Allied Health Care (all specialities)
  • Pharmacists (all Specialties)
  • Clinical Research (all specialties.)
If you are on the job market or thinking about making a move and do not see your profession listed above, please feel free to contact us and consult with one of our seasoned recruiters. We can help you determine whether a move is right for you or what options you have to continue to move forward in your career!